boar neutering

  1. C

    I have a lonely piggie! What should I do?

    Hello, I recently adopted three female piggies. My younger sister (she's 13) got a male guinea pig a while ago. I think she just bought him from a pet store and didn't do much research beforehand. His diet is fine but his cage is a bit small and he doesn't live with a friend! Of course, her...
  2. Gullfaks

    Can you be 100% sure if a boar has been neutered?

    Hi! I am in contact with someone that wants to get rid of their 4-year old boar - and he says that he rescued the guinea pig from a lady that was not taking proper care of the boar. I am considering to adopt this guinea pig as I am looking for a new one to accompany my 2 year old sow that lost...