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boar problems

  1. PiggyProdigy

    Boars Acting Slightly Uneasy Towards Eachother

    Hey, everyone! I think it was around a month ago I bonded my boars. Since the last time I've posted here, I've expanded my cage a lot. Now it is 16 square feet, (or imagine a 4x2 connected to a 2x3 but more space because no closing). They've been really happy in it, they have 3 hideys, a hay...
  2. bumbling-bambi

    Bored Indoor Boars In The Run!

    My boys seem to be getting bored in the run! They have a great big multi storey cage so they can scuttle about to their little hearts content. They also have an indoor run meant for puppies (it takes up a fair bit of my living room!) and they go in that as much as possible - this is on average...
  3. M

    Two Boars Had A Fight

    I have two male guinea pigs who were getting on fine until about four weeks ago when they started loudly teeth chattering at each other. It then progressed into one of them occasionally lunging at the other, before they both ran off. Usually when they're like this it's when they're having floor...
  4. Pigpog023

    Horny Boar, Unable To Neuter, Needs Friend, What Do I Do?

    i don't know how much of this is relevant so I'm just going to tell you the whole story. I rescued a male piggy, unneutered, I wanted to get him a friend but I didn't know his age or health history and was reluctant to neuter because of this. I did some research and spoke to some rescues and...