boars and sows

  1. A

    Boys and Girls together

    So I have a general question that I need help with. My wife and I have five bonded girls that have lived together for about a year. We just recently lost one of our girls, and we ended up getting a couple boys at the pet store. This was a mistake that the pet store sold us three boys that all...
  2. mytwomaleguineas

    Can I have 2 spayed females with my two boars?

    I currently have 2 male guinea pigs in a 8 by 10 feet enclosure and they are allowed to free roam whenever they want. There are 2 female guinea pigs near my animal shelter and I’m willing to adopt them and give all of them a bigger space. However I’ve read that 2 males with 2 females wouldn’t...
  3. Dystopoly

    Keeping A Bonded Male Pair in Room With Females?

    I apologize if I should have posted this in housing instead, but since it’s the behavior I’m worried about I thought I’d post it here. I have my two (1 year old) boys together in a 4x2 C&C cage with a 2x2 upper floor, and they’ve been living together happily since they were babies (with one...
  4. G

    How many pigs of which genders?

    Hi All! I have a 5x2 C&C cage, I don't want it to smell too much as it's in my living room, but i want my pigs to be the happiest pigs! I'm stuck on one boy two girls (neutered of course), three girls, or two of any gender pairing. Which genders are chattiest? Would two boys be smellier...
  5. denverguineas

    To Separate or Not To Separate

    In May of 2018 I adopted two bonded intact boars. I was told they had come from a pet store and were together their whole lives. When I got them they were both a year and a half. One was bigger (then 1000g, now 1200) and one small (then 800, now just barely 900). The big one is named Denali, the...
  6. T

    Neutering 2 Boars to put with 2 sows

    Me and my partner were wondering whether it would be possible to neuter our two boys (Captain and Jaffa) to be placed with our two females (Corky and Pickle). Or is it a definite no no for two males to be placed with females.. I hope someone can help us!
  7. 5littlecavies

    Rebonding Male With Females - Please Help.

    Hi everyone, I didn't see a thread exactly like my situation so thought I would post one. I have a neutered male and he was living with my 3 older females which he bonded well with and they lived together for a week. Suddenly they began to fight, my male didn't fight back but 2 of my girls were...