bonded trio

  1. A

    Introducing two bonded younger males to my older boar?

    Hi! i really REALLY need some help! just recently, one of my two 4 year old male pigs passed away. out of the two, he was unfortunately always the one struggling with health problems and i think we all knew his time was coming soon. we’ve decided to cremate him and we miss him very much. the...
  2. A

    Fighting And Jumping Out Of Cage! Help!

    Hello all, I was a new guinea pig owner in Feb when we got Petey and S'mores. They're now about 4 months old. They're both males and have always lived together. They've always gotten along perfectly and had such a great bond. After having moved their cage and made it bigger we decided to get...
  3. Jesse's pigs

    4 Boars Now 3

    This is another thread about my friend(whom I have mentioned a couple of times) who seems to be magic when it comes to bonding boars. So she purchased two bonded boars but they started fighting so she split them up and put Russell with her two rescued sows and Howard with her newest sow Quinn...
  4. Louspiggs

    Boar Bonding

    i currently have 2 male guinea pigs in a 2x5 grid cage(plus a 1x3 upstairs). they are 13 weeks old and get on well being brothers. one of them is clearly more dominant. i am thinking about bringing in a 10 week old boar and i have a store bought cage that he can be kept in for a short while...
  5. xkatxrinax

    Bonded Guinea Pigs Fighting- Need Help

    Hi everyone, So my three guinea pigs have been living together happily for over a year now, I have a neutered boar and two sows and they're all siblings. Yesterday the boar started chasing and trying to hump one of the sows, clover, he hasn't done this in a while but it's just normal so I left...
  6. AlbusAndBen

    Urgent Please Help! Guinea Pig Sows Fighting

    Hi everyone! I'm new here, and I brought my 3 guinea pig sows (Hazel, Cherry and Clover) home from the support adoption section and my local P@H about 4 weeks ago. They're about a year old and I was told that they are sisters (they look VERY alike), and so I presume they have lived together all...