1. Ruby200e

    A new friend!

    After 3 pig dates, Chorizo finally found a new friend!:luv: I couldn’t be any happier, right off the bat they got along, no teeth chattering:roll: I’m not sure what his name is going to be yet, but I hope Chorizo will get him to open up a little more he’s a bit shy, he’s about 10 weeks btw...
  2. H

    Help! Bonded Boys Now Fighting.

    my two boys pickle (12 months) and sparky (12 months) we’re bonded really well when I got them. Ever since my desexed female (mocha, 6 months) arrived my boys have gotten aggressive to eachother. Constantly they would chitter their teeth and attack eachother. To me sparky is protective over...
  3. Barnyard Boars


    Since roughly around yesterday 10am, I have been bonding my Harvey (aprox a year) with a new baby pig (aprox 1 month) Milton, I didn’t read up enough and thought washing Harvey’s blankets and wiping down a bit would be enough to put Milton in his cage, stupid now that I know. They were NOT...
  4. Keiko The Pig

    Bonded Boar Trouble

    Hey everyone, I need some advice. I have 2 healthy intact boars that just turned 1 year old in march/April. They've been together since April 2016 when I adopted a friend for my lone piggy. Recently my white pig Milo has been squeaking up a storm for no apparent reason. This happens before...