bonding a trio

  1. K

    Help bonding

    Hello, I got a New Guinea to join my 2 girls. The new one (s’more) and my youngest (cricket) didn’t seem to have any issues, didn’t nip or really seem to care about each other. However s'more and my oldest (poppy) were not so good. S’more is a lot bigger than both of my girls. S’more nipped as...
  2. J

    Tricky situation

    Hi, I’m new to this forum and new to piggies, having only become an owner 2 months ago. We thought we’d been sold a pair of girls but we found out last week that one of them was pregnant! We asked the vet to check the other to see if it was a boy after all but the vets collectively couldn’t be...
  3. C

    3 Male guinea pigs bonding problem

    I recently got two male guinea pigs for my senior guinea pig, whose cage mate died in March. Right away during the bonding time, my senior guinea pig (Coco) started humping and nibbling the other guinea pigs. Since nothing out of ordinary was going on, I continued with the bonding process and...
  4. P

    Bonding young females - group of 3

    Hi I have two 3 1/2 month old females and have seen an advert in my local area for a 5 month old female who is alone due to another pig passing. I feel really sorry for this lonely piggy and wanted to get your thoughts on introducing this female to my pair. I appreciate that successful bonding...
  5. M

    Should I get my (male) guinea pig a friend?

    I had females growing up and introducing them was pretty easy. I’ve heard boys are a lot more difficult. I adopted my boy, Wilbur, about a year and a half ago. He’s about 3-4 now, and I was told he lived on his own his whole life but seemed interested in the guinea pigs in the neighboring cage...
  6. The Mad House

    Successful Guinea Pig Trio Bonding - Anyone had any luck?

    Hi everyone, Please read everything I've done before replying. I'm looking for people who've successfully bonded trio's of Piggie's together which I know is RARE but I just don't want to give up any sort of hope yet! - I have read the guides on the pages about Bonding boars and signs to look...