bonding help

  1. A

    Blood drawn

    Hi, I have just tried to bond my 2 females with a neutered male. My females are a bonded pair and have been for most of their life. I picked up a neutered male a couple of days ago and had them in cages next to each other. Bennie is a nervous little pig (he is a rescue from an abuse home and...
  2. S

    Bonding - A couple of questions!

    Our 2.5 year old female guinea pig lost its mate a few weeks ago. We have bought a baby female and kept them in separate accommodation 4 days and swapped fleecy items during this time too. We didn't do the quarantine period because the older one was bereaved. I have a few questions: 1. Now we...
  3. M

    Boar Bonding

    Hi there, I haven't owned piggies in a few years, and have never kept boys before. I recently got a 15 week old boar and then a bigger boar (the person who sold him to me claimed he was also 15 weeks but he seems a bit older to me) to live with him. They are still absolutely terrified of me, and...
  4. Opossum_fur

    Boar bonding advice

    Hey guys, in my last two threads I talked about how my guinea pig Hobbes has passed away. Calvin Was Hobbes cage mate and he was the dominant male while Hobbes was more of a chilled guy. I recently found somebody who can no longer care for their 7 month old guinea pig and I offered to take him...
  5. x3littlepiggies

    Settling in 3 piggies

    Hi everyone! New owner here :-) Myself and my partner welcomed 3 beautiful 6 week old female guinea pigs into our lives last Thursday (Tofu, Peanut, and Noodle). They have a large 4x2 enclosure with lots of places to hide, things to explore, and interesting chew items. Since they've arrived...
  6. SeaSalt_Vinegar

    Adding a Mate

    Hullo everyone! I currently have only one female piggie who is about five months old. I finally found another pig that I think would make a good mate, but I'm here to make sure. The new piggie is a one month old female. :luv: Would the age difference be hazardous to the little one? My current...
  7. C

    Is my Guinea pig happy?

    Rolo is just chilling on me as I lay down, I put him on my chest and he has been here for about 15 mins. If he was scared would he flee? I have been brushing his fur gently to bond with him. So desperate for my piggies to love me
  8. rinlalin

    Is My Bonding Going OK?

    hi guys! i just put chocolate and caramel together to start their bonding and these are the things that are happening so far. i can't record because moving too much makes them freeze up, so i hope you can gather good or bad from what i can give you! caramel (my bigger piggie) has been sitting...