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bonding issues

  1. T

    Guinea Pigs Showing Signs of Bonding Going wrong.

    Hi I purchased two guinea pigs in September 2023 from PTH. They’ve been showing signs ever since that their bond just isn’t sticking. Like they kick each other, they start getting into scraps. One Guinea pig (Ginny) is the instigator she seems to want to be on her own all the time when...
  2. Ominester

    New adopted Guinea Pig. Attempting introduction and bonding.

    Background Hello. Just joined the forum as I have questions on the progress of bonding. Both pigs I got from the shelter about a month apart and are currently in a neutral bonding pen right now. The one I've had the longest (Zavala), has a custom build 2 by 4 C&C grid-size cage. She has a very...
  3. kmccoy05

    Bonding Issues/Questions (Boars)

    Hello all I apologize in advance for the long explanation, I'll start out with a bit of intro. A couple years back my sister got a guinea pig. His name is Bleu. We went on vacation a while later, and boarded him at a rescue. We asked them to try him out with some other pigs to see if there were...
  4. L

    Fighting boars - what do I do?

    Hi everyone! I recently got my first two guinea pigs - just a few weeks ago - and they're both boars. I adopted them without much information beyond their age and relation (father and son; father is 17 months old, the son is eight months), and was told they got along well. Within the first day...
  5. S

    Bonding and Bereavement

    I want to start this off by saying I used to own two guinea pigs, then four, then three. My first two guinea pigs were Rhona and Rosie - I got them at six months old, and they were both born with health problems. I knew they might not make it to last 4 years, but I had settled with that. I...
  6. rinlalin

    Can I Get A New Piggie?

    hello all! my piggie bootsy is in quarantine right now being cared for by staff for a URI. he's going to be there for at least another week. i was planning on getting new, dust free bedding, hides and some toys PLUS a new piggie for when he gets back. can i get another piggie today? should i...