bonding issues

  1. L

    Fighting boars - what do I do?

    Hi everyone! I recently got my first two guinea pigs - just a few weeks ago - and they're both boars. I adopted them without much information beyond their age and relation (father and son; father is 17 months old, the son is eight months), and was told they got along well. Within the first day...
  2. S

    Bonding and Bereavement

    I want to start this off by saying I used to own two guinea pigs, then four, then three. My first two guinea pigs were Rhona and Rosie - I got them at six months old, and they were both born with health problems. I knew they might not make it to last 4 years, but I had settled with that. I...
  3. rinlalin

    Can I Get A New Piggie?

    hello all! my piggie bootsy is in quarantine right now being cared for by staff for a URI. he's going to be there for at least another week. i was planning on getting new, dust free bedding, hides and some toys PLUS a new piggie for when he gets back. can i get another piggie today? should i...