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bonding new guinea pig boar

  1. M

    Should I get my (male) guinea pig a friend?

    I had females growing up and introducing them was pretty easy. I’ve heard boys are a lot more difficult. I adopted my boy, Wilbur, about a year and a half ago. He’s about 3-4 now, and I was told he lived on his own his whole life but seemed interested in the guinea pigs in the neighboring cage...
  2. PippinTook1

    Blowing a Puff of Air (NOT SNEEZING)

    Hi- I just got my guinea pig almost a month ago, I've been bonding with him as much as I can. Sometimes when I am holding him, or just letting him sit on my chest, as he's chirping or squeaking, he blows like a puff of air. He is 100% not sneezing, I've already gotten to understand what his...