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bonding new guinea pig sow

  1. Beans&Toast

    Bonding Beans With A New Pig.

    I apologise for how long this is.... So I'm going to get a piggy tomorrow to keep Beans company. She's been on her own for about 6 weeks now, she's managing but it must be lonely having no piggy company..? I've read the bonding threads and advice but I still have some questions. I'm unable to...
  2. Effie&Winnie

    Introducing 8wk Sow To Two 4yr Old Bonded Sows

    Hi, looking for some friendly advice here. I have had my two sows for 4 years now and they have lived happily together since day one. This week, totally by surprise I found myself becoming 'piggy mother' to an 8 week old sow that needed a little tlc due to having her ears nibbled off by her...
  3. deck1701

    Introducing A New Sow

    I have five Guinea pigs three boars and two sows, I was thinking of getting a new sow to live with my other two girls they live in a 150 cm x 74 cm cage so there would be plenty of space to house three however one of the sows Beauty is quite dominant she is three years old and lives with her...