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  1. celestialteapot

    Introductions...not going well :/

    Spud, is a 9/10month female. Two weeks ago I lost her sister Sprout after a short illness. Initially I was planning to re-home a similar age female but none of the rescues near me had any females. I didn't want to leave Spud on her own for much longer so I decided to adopt an 11week old female...
  2. blacklegkat

    One of our boars passed away - what should we do next?

    On the 1st of February, one of my beloved boars unfortunately passed away due to a problem with his digestive system. Me and my father are very sad about this, as you could probably guess, but we feel even worse because now we have a lonely boar. We love him with all our hearts and want the best...
  3. GuineaPigNoob

    2 Guinea Pigs won’t get along!

    We used to have a guinea pig, but she got so lonely that we got another girl. Candy, the old one, was supposed to get along with Holly, the new one, but no. Holly litterly sticks her nose near Candy bottom and won’t stop after A MONTH. Candy is getting so annoyed and is biting Holly constantly...
  4. denverguineas

    How long to wait after separation to begin boar dating?

    My two lovely boars recently had a falling out, and after a couple days of trial separation I have decided to separate them permanently. The underboar has perked up noticeably and the more dominant boar has been doing zoomies all day enjoying his uninterrupted cage space. The underboar seems...
  5. denverguineas

    To Separate or Not To Separate

    In May of 2018 I adopted two bonded intact boars. I was told they had come from a pet store and were together their whole lives. When I got them they were both a year and a half. One was bigger (then 1000g, now 1200) and one small (then 800, now just barely 900). The big one is named Denali, the...
  6. Celine298

    New babies!

    Since our Sunny plodded over the rainbow bridge, we were busy hunting down a companion for Lola. It was actually pretty hard :/ After a long hunt we ended up picking TWO new friends for her. Meet 9 week old Rosie (teeny baby) and Marilyn (black and white baby)! From day one, Lola loved them...
  7. B

    Newish Guinea Pig Mom

    Hello guys! Just needing to ask a few questions 😊 I have two guinea pigs currently, right now. But, I got my first guinea pig about six months ago and she has been single in her cage since then but my roommate upstairs has guinea pigs and she has had play dates with her five piggies a lot over...
  8. MilliePigs

    Bambi’s buddy

    Bambi went off to the rescue today to find a new friend, I’ll keep all the updates here!

    First night together!

    Hi there, I’m new here and just looking for a bit of advice. We have just adopted a new Guinea pig today from a rescue. He is a 1.5 year old male and had always lived alone. We needed a new companion for our 10 month old male as he lost his friend recently. The bonding has gone pretty well and...
  10. TheLottiediarys

    Bonding Donnie with Anya and Aurora ☺️

    Having lost his mate Baby, Donnie seemed to be struggling on his own, Sitting in the cosy that I found Baby in and not so Interested in his food, We had planned to start introducing both pairs and they had been side by side for at least a week. I decided it would be best for Donnie to start the...
  11. TheLottiediarys

    New Friends since losing Bear and Lottie, Possibly combing two pairs?

    Sadly for Anya and Aurora, They have now lost their two cage mates, Bear and Lottie in a space of a few weeks, Obviously this has been an upsetting time for everyone, But I'm thinking mostly about how the girls are dealing with losing Bear. Since we now have two pairs, Anya and Aurora and Baby...
  12. Willow&Sky

    Young females bonding advice

    I got two young female piggies about two weeks ago. I thought they we're already bonded when I got them but once I got them home I realised they hadn't formed a bond yet. They're settling in well and seem to love their new home but they're not great friends. They play together and enjoy floor...
  13. B

    Getting along !

    My two boys are finally really starting to get along! I rehomed them from a family back in July , and they both had bite marks on them from fighting, nothing bad on their previous owner but I think they were a bit unaware of how to take care of them properly they only had a quarter of the space...
  14. doodlecountry

    Separation after Bonding?

    Hi everyone, I just bonded my two new girls, Layla and Cookie. I've been leavin them in separate cages for a bit. A few days after bonding, Layla was diagnosed with a URI. Cookie seemed perfectly healthy so now I've separated their two cages but still in the same room. Now Cookie seems a bit...
  15. G

    Bullying after one passed

    Hi so I have/had four piggies Rhett, Link, chase, and Stevie. A little over a week ago Stevie passed it was very unexpected and sad. Since Stevie has been gone I’ve noticed chase seemed a little lonely. Rhett and Link were the first pigs that I got and chase and Stevie I got later on and they...
  16. J

    2 Female Pigs

    Hello! My name is Jennifer. My husband and I recently became piggy parents and I just need a little advice! Neither of us have owned guinea pigs before. To start, we were intending to only get one pig for now and add another later. We had the cage ready to go for when we brought her home. But...
  17. Dystopoly

    New Boys - First Time Owner

    So, I’ve worked at a pet shop for roughly a year and ended up taking home two brothers that were abandoned with us at about a month old. They’re now two months, approaching three, but have been housed together their whole lives and have not had any issues to date. I’m currently housing them in a...
  18. SeaSalt_Vinegar

    Adding a Mate

    Hullo everyone! I currently have only one female piggie who is about five months old. I finally found another pig that I think would make a good mate, but I'm here to make sure. The new piggie is a one month old female. :luv: Would the age difference be hazardous to the little one? My current...
  19. MilliePigs

    Too soon to bond?

    I had 2 pairs of boars but Bumble recently passed on Friday so I was thinking I should bond Bambi with Horace and Benji. When I first got Horace I tried bonding him with Bumble and Bambi it didn’t work out as they were too territorial but I was thinking now that Bumble has passed it’s worth a...
  20. Jeslubur

    Introducing a female guineapig

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for a bit of advice as we’ve had a situation with our boar pigs which has resulted in us having to separate one of them. We had three boars together and over the past month or so they’ve fallen out. I’ve deduced that they started to get territorial as they have reached...