1. J

    Bordetella help

    Good evening, I'm hoping that someone can give us some advice.. after months of our piggies being ill and many vet appointments, they were finally been diagnosed with Bordetella. They are now on their 3rd and final antibiotics they apparently can have and it isn't helping. (roughly around 6 weeks...
  2. P

    Bordatella Between Guinea Pigs And Rabbits

    I currently have 3 rabbits and am getting 2 guinea pigs once my dad and I have built a shed. Issue is, they'll have to share a shed. The rabbits will have a two story hutch and full run of the floor space during the day while the guinea pigs will have a raised hutch. Each will have a separate...
  3. PiggieNinja

    Rabbits Transmitting Illnesses? Bordetella?

    hello all I'm considering getting a pair of rabbits that will live in the shed with my guinea pigs- not in the same enclosure but on the floor of the shed while the pigs are up on a shelf . So the pigs wont come in direct contact with the rabbits or the rabbit droppings ( but i was wondering if...