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bored guinea pig

  1. Pohtaytur

    Guinea pig bored and picky?

    Hi, so I'm a new owner of a bonded pair of guinea pigs I recently adopted called Harold and Henrietta. I was kind of worried about Harold's behaviour. I've been giving him pellets and veggies to eat, and he would take the pellets from me before, but he stopped taking them from me as much after I...
  2. 5

    Bored pigs

    Hi! I've been noticing my guinea pigs are looking quite bored lately and I can't blame them I've searched everywhere on guinea pig games I can play with them with but it doesn't seem to gain their attention what games can I play with them to make more happier?
  3. J

    Bored, lonely guinea pig?

    I have a four year old guinea pig whose friend passed away about six months ago. My guinea pig didn't really care that her friend was gone, she was eating and drinking normally and she didn't gain or lose any weight. She didn't get depressed or anything like that. But lately i just don't know...