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boredom breaker

  1. P

    Outdoor Home Flooring Type

    Hello, I am going to move my boys outside to a glorious home, once the weather settles they'll have outdoor access until then they'll be inside a summer playhouse, I'm checking temp and ventilation to ensure temp is good. My question is flooring, would vinyl be good or stone? Should I give them...
  2. 5

    Bored pigs

    Hi! I've been noticing my guinea pigs are looking quite bored lately and I can't blame them I've searched everywhere on guinea pig games I can play with them with but it doesn't seem to gain their attention what games can I play with them to make more happier?
  3. ChubbyCarrots

    Buddy Has Injured Himself Twice This Week!

    Hi guys, I really need your help! Just this week my little guinea pig (Buddy- 18 months) fell out of the waist-height hutch twice this week! Now he’s limping, the vets said he will recover but I’m getting worried about him falling out of the hutch. He always rubs it off but I’m getting really...
  4. Welpo

    Tips For Keeping Away Boredom?

    Hi, I've had my pig for about 6 months now and he's 2 years old. Around 4 months ago school began for me and Malcolm's the only piggie I've got so I'm worried he's been awful lonely. I'm unable to get a new piggie (I'm not king of the hill in my home) and each day it breaks my heart when I've...
  5. D

    A Guinea Pig Boredom Breaker

    why i do is i get a paper towel cardboard tube you cut strips(you will need 3 strips) the have to be at least about a centimeter in width here is a vid on what you do with your cut strips