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  1. T

    How To Administer Inhalers?!

    my pig Willow has been prescribed inhalers to help her lungs intake more oxygen. How do I effectively get her to inhale as much of the puff as possible? I have little masks but it sprays too violently in her face. I also use a nebulisation chamber for Willow but I feel the volume of the box is...
  2. coco&chanel

    Brown Paper Packaging?

    Hi, So I've had a few deliveries lately and have loads of card board boxes and brown paper stuff. I was wondering if this was piggy safe? If so, any any ideas of what I can make out of it?
  3. Beans&Toast

    New Hay House To Cheer The Piggies Up

    Beans and Toast have been through a lot the past week or so. Toast with her bladder infection/URI/bloat/self barbering and possible cysts on ovaries and poor Beans being harassed 24/7 by an unusually aggressive Toast. They've been temporarily seperated so I thought I'd make them some little hay...
  4. Beans&Toast

    Beans Won't Share...

    So I've used a box to make a little hay house and Beans likes it so much she won't let poor Toasty in...
  5. KenspppPets

    The Best Cat Food Box In The World! Video

    My boys think this box is literally the best box in the world. They can't decide who will be king of the box, hence the teeth chattering from Archie and the rumblestrutting from Otto! Ps don't be jealous of them because they are so handsome! :luv:
  6. Guineapigfeet

    Travel Box - Experience / Opinions?

    I'm looking at these two boxes (for two pigs) and was wondering if anyone had any experience of them / opinions? The reviews for both on Zooplus and Amazon are, naturally, mixed! Catit Design Cabrio Pet Carrier | Great deals at zooplus! Nobby Avior Pet Carrier | Free P&P on orders £29+ at...