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  1. P

    My boys don’t want to play or have floor time

    So I’ve tried everything I feel like. Their cage is open 24/7 and even if I take them out they jump straight back in. They’re always in their hideys and taking them out is a battle in itself. I don’t know what to do because I know they need exercise and floor time but they just won’t take it...
  2. P

    Brothers fighting out of nowhere

    So, to cut a long story short I rescued these guys from a mum who had four sons, she’d got the kids guinea pigs for them and they grew bored of them and they never really got the correct care, in a cage that was too small and were being given straw for a year of their lives. They’re 1 next...
  3. lauryn1289

    Just some questions about bonding

    Hi everyone, if anyone was following any of my other posts over the last couple weeks you might remember, since the passing of my Kip and Bobby I’m hoping to bond Ollie and the newest addition Eggs. I read through the bonding guide and just had a few extra questions if that’s okay! To specify...
  4. M

    Male guinea pig humping other Male guinea pig face?..

    So I have two guinea pigs one is 5 months and the other is a year and 8 months the older one keeps humping his face and idk why :/
  5. A

    Tomato Plant Leaf Eaten!

    I’ve never used this before but I just need to know about yesterday at 11 am me and my parents went outside with my piggies she was doing gardening one of my piggies fudge ate a leaf off a tomato plant at the time I had no idea untill I saw him chewing then I saw the leaf gone he only ate about...
  6. Mummy2Milo&Felix

    Pairing 2 bore brothers! Help!

    Hello Fellow Guinea lovers :) I’m so glad to have found this forum! I am a proud guinea mum to 2 brothers Milo and Felix. (They’ve been amazing for me as I’ve been battling depression for the past few years). I would like some advice on the appropriate methods on introducing more guineas to...
  7. B

    Rumble-strutting or —?

    Hi! I am a New Guinea pig owner so forgive me if I seem a bit clueless! I got two boars back in December, two siblings who just turned 3 months old. They do quite a bit of rumble-strutting, which I understand is a boundary setting/dominance display. They've never reared/lunged/nipped/hissed or...
  8. T


    Hello I’m a new member who created this account to get some advice on my 2 male guinea pigs behaviour. My two guinea pigs are 2 to 2 and a half years old (with them been rescues not 100% sure) my younger guinea pig Jonathon has been mounting and dominating my older guinea pig Biggie. I would...
  9. Jesse's pigs

    Mo & Steve Update

    (Update from my old thread 1 to 2) Mo and Steve have been together just over two weeks now and I'm happy to say they still seem okay together. There is the rare occasion where Mo will mount him quite a bit but that is extremely rare now and I usually wake up with Steve wheeking over nothing-...
  10. Elgifu321

    My Happy Little Trio :)

    Introduced Ronan (4 week old texel) to my other two tonight and it went really well! I have Caspar, a 5 week old teddy and Rupert, a 4 year old part sheltie. Poor Rupert with all these babies! He popcorned when he first saw them both so I think he's happy for the company! I know I might get...
  11. Julie M

    My 3 Boys.

    Fudge (my senior at nearly 5) Little Buddy Peanut (he's had a BIG haircut) :doh:
  12. S

    My 6 Week Old Gp Keeps Trying To Make With My 5 Month Old Gp (both Boys)

    Hi there. I wonder if anyone could help me at all. Two weeks ago I bought two GPs', both boys which were 'hutch mates'. To start with the boys were really friendly and the big one looked after the little one. However, they both will never come out of their hut unless they think I am not in...
  13. Abbie's Piggies

    Bonding Males

    hello my second post on here and i was wondering if anyone could help me i have two bonded girls they were easy to bond. then we got twiggy (last pig left :'( otherwise would have got his brother) we have been looking for a while and we have tried a skinny pig baby but the baby didnt take to...
  14. PeanutandGus

    Grumpy Pig..

    I've had my two boys for two months now and I was really starting to make progress with bonding and taming them but recently one of the has taken a real dislike to being picked up - he enjoys lap time once he's out but trying to get him out of the cage is a nightmare.. He even kicks out at me...
  15. Kelsx3

    I Think My Guinea Pig Has A Fungal Infection

    I've only had my guinea pigs for over a week and the one is losing fur around his eye I've booked him in for the vets earliest I could get is tomorrow any ideas what it could be? I have two young boys and I put it down to fighting but it seems to have gotten worse! I'm new to this forum and I'm...