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  1. Oinkpiggies

    New owner, what breed are my piggies?

    Both are males from 2 different petcos, and we were told they’re both babies. The black one is way smaller than the brown one when not scrunched up, and his face is pointy. His front paws are black and his back feet are brown (or whatever color is on his face). This pic is when we first got them...
  2. D

    What breed is my guinea pig?

    I’m not sure what breed my guinea pig is! He looks like this
  3. Jennybug89

    Our New Arrival!

    Meet Rachel! She's 8 weeks old... And stunning. Picked her up today and can't get enough of her. She's in her own cage separate from Rosie for the next few weeks till they can meet. Cannot wait to introduce the two. Any ideas of her breed?
  4. Piggiemum7

    Meet Ben!

    This is Ben! He is a very fat, sleepy, gentle piggy. He's extremely cuddly and loving. He has red eyes and so he was the last one left when we adopted him because people thought it was scary! (I think he's beautiful) he lives in his own cage above his adopted brother (who annoys him very much)...
  5. Piggiemum7

    Meet Jerry! (anyone Know What Breed?)

    I thought you'd enjoy these pictures of my very sweet, silly little boy! He's 4 and a half (but acts like a baby!) he's very chatty and energetic and likes neck rubs! He has his own cage above his adopted brothers (they don't live together because Ben can't handle all the energy and constant...