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  1. Little Pigs

    Guinea Pig Breeders

    I was a little taken aback after discovering how truly hated breeders are by the vast majority of guinea pig owners. Now yes, I completely 100% agree with the reasons against breeders: yes there are too many in shelters, yes it can be dangerous for the sows and yes, people should not breed with...
  2. rinlalin

    Piggies From Breeders?

    hello all! it's me again, bootsy's loving momma! i'm here to talk about his new buddy i'm getting. i looked up some guinea pig breeders/rescues near me and found this lovely litter of baby show piggies! do you guys think breeders are a humane place to get piggies from? the piggies i'm going...
  3. Linzi Flower

    Old But New Guinea Pig Owner

    HI lovelies! I had guinea pigs when I was a child 2 beautiful short hair girlies called Nibbles and Bubbles. Unfortunately Bubbles died suddenly with no actual cause of death aged about 3 and Nibbles died not long after with a respiratory problem. Now about 10/11 years later I have a...