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  1. rinlalin

    Piggies From Breeders?

    hello all! it's me again, bootsy's loving momma! i'm here to talk about his new buddy i'm getting. i looked up some guinea pig breeders/rescues near me and found this lovely litter of baby show piggies! do you guys think breeders are a humane place to get piggies from? the piggies i'm going...
  2. Linzi Flower

    Old But New Guinea Pig Owner

    HI lovelies! I had guinea pigs when I was a child 2 beautiful short hair girlies called Nibbles and Bubbles. Unfortunately Bubbles died suddenly with no actual cause of death aged about 3 and Nibbles died not long after with a respiratory problem. Now about 10/11 years later I have a...