broken tooth

  1. Mother of Piggies

    Uncooperative piggie

    Hi! I’m having problems with my two year old Abyssinian boar: he has a broken/missing tooth, which was almost definitely caused by a lack of vitamin c. I feed all of my piggies vitamin c tablets, which all except for Chewbacca (the pig in question) love. I’ve recently been trying even harder...
  2. chubbypigs

    Broken Tooth?

    Hello! My pig, Crank, partially broke his right top tooth today. It's not a crack or a chip, definitely a break, but it's just barely hanging on towards the back. It wiggles when I touch it. I can see that it's a clean break through the root, no blood on him or in his cage, and it's about...
  3. Kilimomo

    Kili's damaged tooth - extraction?

    Hey there. One of my guinea pigs has damaged his tooth. In a really strange way. It has broken diagonally. (left in the picture) I called the vet station and a nurse told me it would have to be extracted/removed. Anyone here with experience on tooth extraction? How will it actually happen...