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  1. E

    Grooming long haired guinea pigs

    Hello, I recently got my two long haired boys. They’ve been with me for 5 days. I’ve kept guinea pigs in the past and feel quite confident in most areas of their care but I’ve never had long haired piggies before. I’ve read up on their grooming and know the importance of brushing their hair to...
  2. S

    When can I start handling my new guinea pigs?

    Hello! I recently got two new guinea pigs, and they are long haired. I’ve had them for almost a week and think it’s really due time for brushing them. But I do not know if I should wait some more until I start handling them? thanks
  3. Siikibam

    Nail Trimmer And Brushing

    Ive used our nail cutter in the past to cut the boys’ nails but I’m not too happy with the way it works. I did a search and found some use clippers. I’m wondering if this is the correct one? Secondly, they seem to shed a lot - in finding hairs in the bathroom and on my bedside table, and other...