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#bullying #bonding #biting

  1. S

    my guinea pig bit me really deep

    idk where else to post this. so i was attempting to bond two guinea pigs, they had been bar-mates for a few weeks, and i tried to introduce them inside a spacious guinea pig pen. they ended up fighting a bit and without thinking i put myself in the middle of it, as i didnt want any piggies to...
  2. K

    Bullying or dominance

    Hello, My Guinea pig recently passed away, leaving behind her friend (Poppy). I have now got a baby Guinea (Nala) and I am trying to bond them. I followed the guide that is posted on this forum and have looked at pretty much everything. However, I still have anxiety when it comes to bonding...
  3. K

    Possible Bullying

    Hello Everybody! I have two female guinea pigs Poppy and Cricket. Poppy was my first guinea pig and I got her in March of 2021, then in June of 2021 I got Cricket. I introduced them after them being in different cages for a few days, when introducing them I did notice Poppy bite at Cricket...
  4. L

    Help! My guinea pigs are hurting each other & I don’t know how to help!

    Hey guys! I have two piggies, Wilbur and Pip. Wilbur is around one year old and Pip is about 5-6 months old. I have tried everything to bond them but they still fight over dominance. Pip has begun hurting my older pig, Wilbur, and I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t have room where I live...
  5. Lauren22

    Bonding issues

    Hi, I'm having issues with my two male boars. One is roughly 6yr while the other is 2yr, and I had to separate them in January due to the older boars health being bad. The problem I'm having now is I would like to reintroduce them, but everytime I try they rear up at one another and show signs...
  6. Tinychels

    Mother guinea pig bites her one and a half week old son

    Hello! My name is Chelsy & I just wanted to start off saying that I’m new to this website so hopefully I can get some answers from other piggy owners :). One of my female guinea pigs (her name is Akira) just recently gave birth to two girls (Ruby and Athena) and one boy (Niko). I was in the...
  7. MissPiggyTales

    Help! Mean Little Piggie

    Help! Long story. Here goes. So my boyfriend got me two beautiful piggies for Xmas. They weee adopted and said to have bonded over the last month however they never seemed to be to my BF who had them for a week before Xmas. Duke is a year old and Bubba is 5-6 months. This past week has been...