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  1. K


    My girl Patty is bleeding out of her butt, off and on. She is 5 and she hasn't been acting herself recently. Shes eating less, Shes been sleeping more, and she has crust around her eyes. I've also noticed that parts of the bottom of her feet are a little red. Idk what to do, shes old. Also I...
  2. LlamaFluff

    I Noticed My Piggy Had Some Woodshavings Up His Bum, Horrible Smell To Continue. (boars)

    Obviously the anus isn't the best smelling part of the piggy, but my god. I put my thumbs on each cheek (he was on my chest, looking down) and I spread them out. Turns out their anus can... Open up? If that makes any sense. There was some hay and some woodshavings, and I was going to grab a...
  3. SazzaG96

    New Owner Advice?

    Hi there! I'm a recent new owner of 2 male guinea pigs and I was hoping for some advice in general about looking after them. They are in a 2 x 3 C&C cage with a loft and I use fleece bedding that is washed every 3 days! They get fresh veggies morning and night and nuggets and hay! Is there...