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  1. M

    Bump that keeps coming back

    Hi! My 5-year-old piggy keeps getting a bump on her rump. It grows slowly (3/4 months on average) and does not seem to bother her at all - she eats,poops and runs around as per usual. I took her to the vet the first time I noticed it, he squeezed it out and basically said it was a pimple. The...
  2. V

    Feet problems

    Hi, I noticed my guinea pig has some kind of soft bumps on both of her feet. I went to the vet, she didn't know what it is, tried to scratch it and it started bleeding a lot. On one feet it is larger than on the other. Guinea pig is eating like normal, running and doesn't seem to change its...
  3. A

    Small bump on eye

    Hey everyone! Today I noticed my guinea pig Neji had a small bump in the inner corner of his eye. If someone could please tell me if you have seen this and know what it is I would really appreciate it. I have attached a photo below.
  4. N

    HELP! Weird bump 🥴

    Hi! So recently I cleaned my cavy’s grease gland and noticed this weird blister looking bump on his behind. it seems like thin skin because when or if you touch it, it starts bleeding. I’ve tried doing research on it but I can’t really find anything that describes it. my best guess, is either...
  5. littlewinng

    Pea sized lump behind guinea pig ear

    I recently adopted a baby guinea (5 weeks old) I've had him for a week now and just this morning I noticed that he has a decent sized lump behind his ear. It's firm. And theres some white crusty stuff around it I'll post pics but it was hard for him to stand still. Obviously I'm going to...
  6. G

    Small hard white bump on belly

    Today while clipping nails I found this small White bump on my guinnea pigs side. Is it something serious? I can't find anything on it online. It's less than half a cm wide and feels hard. It doesn't seem to hurt her when I touch it.
  7. Nattzzz


    I have three male guinea pigs that I am taking for a check up soon. My main worry was my youngest, Jinx. He’s been sneezing often and I’m worried he may have a cold, it being winter and all. Anyways, I was checking the boys for marks, behavior, etc, to bring up to the vet when I bring them in. I...
  8. Jaxsoy

    Small yellow bump on guinea pig’s lower lip

    This is my first post on here so sorry if it’s in the wrong place, but today I noticed my guinea pig had a small solid yellow bump on his lower lip. I’m probably going to take him to the vet on Friday, but I wanted some early opinions on what it may be. He is still eating normal and acting like...
  9. Jasper'sMama

    Lump on side

    Hello! This is my first time posting here, I really need an opinion on what to do. I have a 4 1/2-5 year old guinea pig named Jasper. I've had her for about four years now with no health concerns or scares. I handle her pretty frequently, and within a few days she developed a lump on her right...