1. Wheekallweek

    Poorly bunny 😕

    She's not a piggy so I've posted here, hope that's right. My house bunny Miley isn't well. She has a long history of dental disease, has had a kidney removed, the works. She's now developed a tooth root abscess which has broken through her jaw ☹️ She's on injectable penicillin as well as gut...
  2. T

    Guinea pigs and bunnies?

    I bought my bf a Holland lop baby and made her a 4x2 c&c enclosure until she's litter trained, but I also have guinea pigs and am wanting to upgrade their cage to a 4x2 as well (they currently have a XL living world cage) I'm just wondering how far should their enclosures be apart? I read up on...
  3. Meghan

    Introducing a pig to a bun

    Hello :) I have 3 little female piggies who are my babies! I’ve recently adopted a mini lop bunny who is living in a separate cage to the pigs but I would like to introduce them to each other and have play dates. Is there any tips or advice? :) Thank you x
  4. ChewyTheGuinea

    Sleepy Cinnamon

    I managed to take a picture of her laying down
  5. ChewyTheGuinea

    I Put Those Two In A Cage Together To Take This Picture

    theyre back in their cages now :T but anyways