1. N

    HELP! Weird bump 🥴

    Hi! So recently I cleaned my cavy’s grease gland and noticed this weird blister looking bump on his behind. it seems like thin skin because when or if you touch it, it starts bleeding. I’ve tried doing research on it but I can’t really find anything that describes it. my best guess, is either...
  2. L

    Strange purring and bum ?

    My guinea pig when put with his other Male friend purrs a lot and lifts his butt to show what looks like a prolapse or possibly a clogged grease gland whereas when he is sat normally and calm it’s not visible ? I will attach pictures.
  3. PerpLexxity

    Butt Throwing?

    Hey everybody, So yesterday I *tried* to put my two boars together and one of them did this thing with thier butt. I can only describe it as a butt throw. He threw his butt sideways at the other pig with his body at a ‘C’ angle. I’ve tried to research this bahavior but all I got was pee...
  4. Lunaandmaggie

    Hair Ripped

    So I came home after being at a friends house and my oldest piggie looks like she was eating the hairs off her but should I be concerned?