cage biting

  1. soupgirls

    Chewing Through Cage

    Hey! It’s been a minute. My two girls Miso and Tonkotsu are adjusting well. However, I’ve recently discovered that they’ve chewed a hole in the canvas side cover of their cage! It’s at the divider in the middle of the cage underneath their hammock where they like to hide and sleep. I don’t...
  2. sundaepig

    old gal SCREAMING

    hello! recently my single piggie cashew has started to SCREAM. not just wheek, full out panic screams. she does this when I am in the room and when I'm not. she has fresh food, fresh bedding, fresh water... shes also started to chew on the metal bars of her cage whenever I'm in the room and then...
  3. Patch&fluff

    Mischievous guinea chewing bars constantly

    Hi, I am new to owning guinea pigs well say new I have had patch and fluff for about a year now. Recently over the past week patch had been constantly chewing the bars on his cage, I have tried lemon juice and also giving them more chew toys, re designed the cage for them, added new and...
  4. Madi

    Need a New Cage Idea

    I have 3 brother Guinea pigs Ed, Al, and Mustang. About a month ago unfortunately I had to separate Ed from his brothers because they were picking on him and ended up sadly drawing blood :(. We have the C&C cage right now, the cage is split down the middle so that they can still see each other...
  5. ChloeCee98

    Floor Time And Momos Made Me Laugh

    Sorry about Noodle biting the bars she thinks MoMo is gone forever when I get her out lol Also does anyone have any good tips on how to make cage liners? I'm going to make my own and then extend the cage so that hudsons in a c&c instead of his tiny cage :( I'm getting him neutered soon so...