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cage cleaning day

  1. S

    How to clean the cage when the guinea pigs are new and still scared?

    Hello! I have had my guinea pigs for 5 days now and they are still very reserved and won’t come out of their hide when I sit or stand too close to their cage. I have spot cleaned daily since I got them but now I need to clean out the entire cage. The problem is, as previously mentioned, that...
  2. Princessmint

    Cage Cleaning Advice?

    Hi, I'm a new piggy mama, just got my babies 2 weeks ago. They are getting more comfortable, not hiding from me as much. My issue is removing them from the cage for cleaning. I did it once and picked them up to put into play pen, but it was very difficult and I don't think they enjoyed being...
  3. Sonnet

    Had to laugh just now...

    Just cleaned the piggies out. Sprout’s always a bit suspicious when I put him back in the clean cage, as if he can’t quite believe it’s his home. George (newbie) on the other hand...”Oh! Clean cage! New smells. *Popcorn* So exciting! *POPCORN* Must say hello to new slave! *Popcorn popcorn popcorn!*