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calcium needs

  1. P

    How to reduce calcium in diet?

    Hi, Please can you help as I’m becoming a bit calcium obsessed. Our guinea pigs have white pee at the moment. They’re not in pain it’s just white and this is a bit of a new thing. I’m pretty sure the hay isn’t alfalfa but am checking. I’m trying to reduce the green leafy veg that is high in...
  2. Lilythepig2017

    0.3% Calcium- What Is It Out Of? Calories? Grams Of Food Eaten?

    When they say your pigs diet should be 0.3% calcium does that mean 0.3% of the calories they consume? Or 0.3% of the food they consume in grams/ kilos? This site: https://www.nap.edu/read/4758/chapter/6 Says 8 grams of calcium per kilo of feed. But if you calculate for how much a pig eats in...