1. TwoTeenyPeegs

    Some interesting bladder stone info?

    * quick warning, i am not an expert in bladder stones, i am not a vet or doctor. I haven't looked at studies or read hundreds of articles, so this might be one big mistake * ... But i think this might be very useful to someone with a bladder stone pig. I came across this interesting video...
  2. M

    Bladder Stones, Calcium and Sunshine

    Greetings! I just moved my two boiz from Portland, OR to Glasgow, MT in April. I just noticed some red spots on their bedding, which I initially dismissed as dye+urine from their new little toys. However, a week later I noticed it while it was still wet. I’m be pretty certain which pig it’s from...
  3. Dabudesu

    Greens or no greens....

    Hello All, We are new guinea pig owners and need some advice please... We have 2 male guinea pigs, Benny and John. Benny is the uncle, John the nephew. On Tuesday the 30th march, John (7 months old) did 2 very pink wees. We kept a close eye on him and noticed he squeaked when weeing, so...
  4. bbddf

    Possibility of Guinea Pigs With Gluten Intolerance Linked To Bladder Problems

    * Disclaimer: This is only a theory that I have come up with. It is not a diagnosis. I am not a medical professional or veterinarian. I made an effort to use reputable resources. I have provided references in relation to my ideas. This is my own research. Please know, I am not forcing the idea...
  5. Cryptillian

    Question about hard water/water softener.

    I’ve had guinea pigs for 5 years, we moved into an older house last year and I noticed calcium spots on the fleece that I hadn’t had before (or if I did it was rare) and at the time I didn’t know what they were. I didn’t really pay much attention to this because they were small and I had assumed...
  6. rosienruby

    Do I need a vet visit?

    New here so bear with! Have noticed my piggy is making some noise while she poops, not a really loud or high pitched squeal but more of a groan - similar to the noise she makes when my other pig is annoying her! The poops are the proper form and colour. Wee has some calcium deposits in it...
  7. Puddles1999

    Is this normal?

    This looks to be calcium spots on their potty pad that goes in one of their litter boxes. Is this normal? I’ve been laying off the veggies for a few days in case they were getting too much. They also don’t get pellets daily.
  8. Puddles1999

    Powder or sludge in guineas pee?

    Hi everybody! I was holding my baby, Minnie. Minnie peed on a towel I was holding her with and her pee smelt insanely bad and potent. Also this stuff also appeared in the area she had peed. Now I’m not sure if it was there before but I messed with it with a toothpick to see it’s...
  9. Jasmine-sleeps

    Bladder stone?

    Hi guys, Sorry to be that annoying newbie immediately looking for advice. I found this on my pigs bed today, it looks like a weird poo with calcium deposits around it. The stone looking bit was like soft grit. I know its relatively normal for pigs to excrete excess calcium through urine, but...
  10. Teema

    Swiss cheese plant poisoning -

    Hi everyone! Before I get started I just want to reassure everyone that we took both our girls to the emergency/out of hours vet within 2 hours of her eating the plant and I have also had a phone consultation this morning. We discovered on Sunday evening that Poppy (we are almost certain it...
  11. x3littlepiggies

    Calcium requirement for junior pigs?

    Hi. I have 3 girls who are 10 weeks old. I've been giving them 1 handful of alfalfa hay every other day in with their Timothy & meadow hay. Ive been feeding them veggies as you would an adult pig (not too many high calcium foods). Somebody told me not to worry about calcium content until they're...
  12. MilliePigs


    My boys are quite partial to a bit of kale now and then but I was wondering if it’s high in calcium? I’m not too sure and I don’t want them to have kidney problems or anything. How often do you feed kale to your piggies?
  13. HeatherW

    Too Much Calcium In Wee?

    Is this something I should be concerned about, thinking further down the line? I moved to fleece from shavings a week or so ago and this is the first time I've seen what I assume is calcium in dried-out wee. I know wee is often a creamy colour anyway and my piggies are behaving perfectly...
  14. Lilythepig2017

    0.3% Calcium- What Is It Out Of? Calories? Grams Of Food Eaten?

    When they say your pigs diet should be 0.3% calcium does that mean 0.3% of the calories they consume? Or 0.3% of the food they consume in grams/ kilos? This site: Says 8 grams of calcium per kilo of feed. But if you calculate for how much a pig eats in...
  15. Lilythepig2017

    Detailed Pellet Question: Fats/ Oils/ Calcium/ Sugars/ Etc

    Hello While reading over stuff I think my pellets (Oxbow organic pellets) are too high in calcium as they say they are at 0.9% I read that 0.3% is the highest it should be. Now my pig is 4 months old so I know she needs some calcium for bones but after 6 months I'd like to pull her off them...
  16. E

    Help: Low Calcium Diet Plan Ideas

    My guinea pig has been having powdery mineral deposits in her urine. I am taking her to the vets tomorrow. I have read that the best thing is to do for this is to reduce her calcium intake because it is probably too high. But I am not sure how to do this correctly. Currently the pellets I give...
  17. Gia

    White Spots In Eyes?

    My new-ish boar, Gus, has a little white spot in each of his eyes. He doesn't have the best vision, so I'm wondering if this could have anything to do with it. I was thinking they could be calcium deposites, too. Could being a dalmation be the cause? Not urgent, just want your opinions.
  18. Chancey

    Too Much Calcium?

    Hi there! I currently have seven piggies, sow pair, sow trio and boar pair! I've noticed that they all seem to leave the powdery white marks on the fleece - it doesn't seem gritty and is dried in but as all of my piggies are showing this, I worry it may be their diet. I know that their urine is...
  19. magicmoments

    Vitamin C - Could Anyone Please Give Me Some Advice?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me? I took my 2 year old female guinea pig, Dora, to the vet on Friday night thinking she had eggs around her back end (which surprised me because their cage is kept very clean and she is treated for flystrike, flees, lice etc). When the vet...
  20. Este22

    Male Neutered Guinea Pig (~6yo) Unsteady On Hind Legs

    Hi All, This is the first post in 1 year now. You may remember my bladder-pig Sam who had reoccurring UTI's. I haven't been on the forum for so long because he has been so well! Every other day 200mg glucosamine seems to have done the trick... Until 23rd June when he completely lost use of his...