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  1. V

    At this point, are painkillers still worth it?

    My guinea pig has unfortunately developed some sort of tumour on her bum that is steadily increasing in size :( The vet estimates that she has approximately one more month to live. She then proceeded to tell me that the tumour does not really seem to be bothering her at all - in other words, it...
  2. Shauni

    Dirty Belly/bladder Problems

    Dear all, I have a question for my sweet guinea pig Nala. She is 5 years old and has been diagnosed with bladder cancer that has spread to her lung and bones. She had a history with frequent urinary tract infections, sludge and bladder stones since she was 8 weeks old. 4 weeks ago she had a...
  3. O

    Female Gp - Breathing Issues - Thymoma Diagnosis - Need Help

    Hi Everyone We've just joined this forum hoping for some help or suggestions from a community, as we're struggling to reach any clear way forward for our 4 year old female guinea pig Noisy. Last Saturday, day 1, we noticed she was breathing heavily and a bit slowly, she's eating well, very...
  4. Laura_Wiggo

    Cancer In Guinea Pigs?

    Hello lovely piggy owners, I'm new here but I'm looking for some advice for my little Trotsky. My spoilt little boy is 4 years old now, he was my first guinea pig and I'd be so lost without him! He's always been a very social piggy, cheeky and noisy and loves to be around me. 2 weeks ago I...
  5. stripeybeanie

    Unexplained Weight Loss - Hyper Thyroid?

    Hi everyone, has anyone had a piggy with hyperthyroidism? Dot is approx 4yo and had to be spayed in January (discovered during a regular checkup). She recovered really well and been fine since but recently I noticed she was losing weight - quickly. Luckily she had a bit of extra timber to act...
  6. J

    Spindle Cell Sarcoma

    Hello Everyone - Does anyone have any experience with this type of tumor - spindle cell sarcoma - in their piggies? My sweet boy was diagnosed with one today. It was removed last week, but will grow back. I'm curious to know what types of treatment people have tried, and just generally what...