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car journey

  1. R

    Guinea Pig - Travelling with Cystic Ovaries

    First, thank you to this community for providing so much good advice that has helped me care for my guinea pigs! I have concerns about an upcoming car journey with the pigs when I suspect one of them has cystic ovaries. The trip is in a month and mandatory since I am moving for work. It will...
  2. Mh29

    Travelling with piggies

    Hi, just looking for some advice. I’m going to be travelling in the car with my 2 pigs. Both girls. The journey will be around 1 hr 30/45 mins. I was planning on getting 2 separate carriers to allow them to have enough space but if I do this will they be alright when I put them back together...
  3. Queenjellybeany

    Pet carrier for travel

    I’m moving house! My pigs will have around two hours travelling to their new home in the car with us. They have a small pet carrier but I’m wondering if I should get a bigger one since they’ll be in it for a little while especially as I get their cage set back up!
  4. rei

    Car ride advice!

    Hello👋🏼 I was wondering how long a guinea pig can go in a car... I need to drive with my family to see our grandparents for two days . The car ride is about 4 hours , and we were planning on taking the cage with us and just having her in the back . I of course would sit next to her ( there are...
  5. ashleemelda

    Piggy Travel Anxiety

    Last week I made a post about how my family and I will be taking my two guinea pigs, Moira and Rose, along with us from Virginia to Illinois for the holidays, as there are no boarding facilities nearby and the people I would trust to watch them also go on vacation. It is an approximately 9 hour...
  6. ashleemelda

    Traveling with two guinea pigs for the holidays.

    Every year my family and I make the approximately 9 hour and 15 minutes (not including stops at gas stations, rest areas, and drive-thrus) car ride from Virginia to Illinois for Christmas. We are usually there for about a week. This year we will be taking my two guinea pigs, Moira and Rose...
  7. ChubbyCarrots

    3 hour car journey - any advice please?

    Hello, I’m going to be travelling for 4 hours and I’m taking my babies with me, we’ve travelled before but we’ve only been in the car 2 hours max. I have no family or friends to leave my piggies with unfortunately or I would save them the trouble. I’m just looking for any advice for car...
  8. W

    Runy Nose After Hectic Car Trip

    I took my two guinea pigs to the vet a couple days ago because of a slight crackling noise coming from the nose. The vet said everything was fine with their lungs and it was probably a slight irritation on the nose because of the change of bedding to fleece that could cause a build up of pee...
  9. ChubbyCarrots

    Car Journey

    Hi, my guinea pigs (10 months old), Buddy and Coco are both travelling for 3 hours tomorrow in a car. Does anyone have advice for that car journey, I'm really nervous. Many thanks, Hannah.
  10. Turtz

    Not Eating Or Drinking After Car Journey

    Today my guinea pig was in a car for between an hour and a half to two hours. He was extremely restless the entire time, trying to find positions to sleep in and then instantly changing his mind. I thought perhaps heat was causing it and that once he got home he'd be calmer. However when he got...