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  1. Queenjellybeany

    Pet carrier for travel

    I’m moving house! My pigs will have around two hours travelling to their new home in the car with us. They have a small pet carrier but I’m wondering if I should get a bigger one since they’ll be in it for a little while especially as I get their cage set back up!
  2. Oinkpiggies

    How long can my pigs be in the cold?

    I’m from the US, it’s going to be 50 degrees Fahrenheit when i take them to the vet. I have to walk, it’s only a 5 minute walk but we also have a wind advisory so I’m worried something will happen to them :( i could take an Uber if i have to but was wondering how long until it is unsafe for them...
  3. ashleemelda

    Traveling with two guinea pigs for the holidays.

    Every year my family and I make the approximately 9 hour and 15 minutes (not including stops at gas stations, rest areas, and drive-thrus) car ride from Virginia to Illinois for Christmas. We are usually there for about a week. This year we will be taking my two guinea pigs, Moira and Rose...
  4. SAH

    Therapy Animal Question

    I need help on picking which of my guinea pigs to be my emotional support animal. An emotional support animal basically means I can bring the animal places where normally animals are not allowed, like school, in order to help with my anxiety. However, I am conflicted on which of my two guinea...
  5. HappyCavies

    Our Experience Of Piggies, Europe And Aeroplanes

    Hello fellow guinea pig lovers! This is a guide/information post on travelling with guinea pigs on planes and trains in Europe, so read on to find out more! (As there was so much to say and we couldn't cut anything out, this is split into 2 parts) Last month (January 2018), we decided to...
  6. Little Pigs

    Safe Guinea Pig Carriers

    I have heard many split opinion on the subject and wondered what others suggest. I need to purchase a new guinea pig carrier however I have been told that they prefer a small space whilst being transported around but, I have also been told that more space is better for piggies. I have found a...