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  1. Jesse's pigs

    Russell Rabbit Crunchers

    So guys I just wanted to share with you these treats that my rabbit- Bigwig and guinea pig Mo both adore. They don't have them frequently,probably once a week if that, but they are (at least to them) heaven. Just wondered if you guys knew of them or had tried them because if not I do recommend...
  2. Cherrychops100

    How Much Veggies?

    I have 3 sows, 2 are about 13 weeks and the other one is about 8 weeks. How much veggies should I give per pig, per day (in grams or cups) If you could tell me what you would feed them and portion sizes everyday (For example how much of a cucumber?) Today I am giving them; 1/8 cup pellets x3...
  3. Guineapigfeet

    Carrot Tops

  4. Beans&Toast

    Beans Isn't Messing About!

    I got the pigs a large carrot house but it's too tall for them to reach all the carrot roof so I cut it shorter and gave them the off cut to munch. Toasty seemed quite happy to share it but Beans was having none of it... :drool: P.s I was holding my phone the wrong way so it's a bit small...
  5. Hoppsan

    Hoppsan's Carrot Fight

    Hoppsan lost his appetite last week because of the antibiotics he took for his bladder infection. After fibreplex and critical care, he's eating on his own now and seems getting back on track! We hope he's food drive will soon be on full speed again like he was in this video! This is how we got...
  6. Beans&Toast

    The Pigs Are Redecorating

    Bought a new carrot house for the pigs 3 days ago. Apparently they weren't happy with the look of this new house so they've set to work stripping the wall paper and making an open plan roof.. Toast inspecting the roof... "This roof would definitely look better with a big hole right...
  7. Beans&Toast

    Tall Piggies

    Beans and Toast have been doing their stretches tonight... Goodnight everyone :luv:
  8. piggie.slave

    Living World Glass Water Bottle

    so i was on viovet as i want to get a few things for the pigs and dogs, and also wanted to get the living world glass water bottle (will attach image) and i read the reviews, this person said it was great but also said "of corse i took the carrot out" is there anything i don't know about it, and...