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  1. KathT

    Castration And Behaviour

    I have a few questions on castration and would be grateful for any help or experience people have on this matter. I currently have two boars who live happily together but Toby is fast approaching 6 years old whilst Jack is only about two and a half. Thinking of the future, as I don’t expect Toby...
  2. M

    How Do I Fix This!

    Two months ago we brought home two little female guinea pigs. They live in a 3' x 5' run indoors with toys and tunnels etc. We would have bought a third if there had been one available and it was always in our minds to get another one anyway. We have been reading about bonding and...
  3. P

    Guinea Pig Post Op - What Is Normal?

    Hello there, My boy, Fluff, was castrated yesterday poor thing. The vet said that everything went well and that he seemed to be recovering well. I am just a bit concerned as to what is normal behaviour after an op and also what is normal food consuption etc? I gave him some spinach leaves...
  4. Squidgypigs

    Is Boar Neutering Particularly Risky?

    I've heard of four (!) boars just this week (it's only Wednesday) that have been neutered then died within a few days. What is it that is so risky about this preceedure? Is it the anaesthetic? Other drugs? The aftercare? The fact that it's reasonably rare to neuter guinea pigs at the moment...