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  1. I

    guinea pig with blurry eye and a whitish spot in the pupil

    Hello, my guinea pig has a cloudy eye and a whitish stain on the pupil. I'm afraid it's a possible cataract. Can anyone tell me what it could be? I went to the vet and she said it could be discharge but I don't think it is because he doesn't have liquid in his eye but small blood marks around...
  2. Pi123

    Possible cataract or Osseous Metaplasia

    Hi all, Around 2 weeks ago one of my guineas had a cloudy eye which after some chatting on a fb group I found out was hay poke and I bought a certain type of eye drops you can get in Superdrug which cured the problem in about 4 days. Then last Thursday I found one of my other piggies that lives...
  3. Brackenwolf1

    Cataract guinea pigs

    I have just been told that my male rescued guinea pig has advanced cataract in both eyes and I was wondering if the vets could do anything about it as he is only about 3 years old. Also, he is on his own at present and I was wondering if I should get him a companion as he has a really chilled...
  4. Squidgypigs

    Our Squidgypigs (including New Freead Rescues)

    Our original duo (named by my daughter) Ethel-Seal The Poo Banana Peppa Pea Pirate Soup The 3/2/2016 rescues (freead piggies - went for two young sows came back with four mature sows, all in bad condition, two obviously pregnant, and a boar. (we have space, veg & friendly vet). Blondie...