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chartwell hutch

  1. Catia Silva

    Chartwell 6 ft single

    I’ve been reading as much as I can before rescuing 2 girls and I’ve decided on a chartwell 6ft single with ramp so they can roam outside . I was surprised with the quality and easy assembly! What took forever was stretching the lino (no luck getting it for free around here). We’ve just stapled...
  2. isabelbella

    Guinea pig 5ft chartwell hutch

    Hello! I'm going to be buying a hutch for my two boers as it is heating up a bit now so can have them outside for the warmer season. Has anyone got the 5ft chartwell hutch? (i think its labeled as a rabbit hutch but works for guinea pigs), I just haven't be able to find many detailed reviews...
  3. Siikibam

    Stuck On Which Hutch!

    I was leaning towards the chartwell hutch (5 foot) but after reading some mixed views I'm now unsure. I was browsing home and roost and came across this. I don't know if this would be a decent option. I've also found another. There's also the great and small jumbo hutch from pets corner. Though...