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  1. S

    Cheilitis in my piggy

    Hi all, New here but not new to guinea pig care, however I wanted to get some help around treating cheilitis in my piggy myself. She has very hard edges on each side of her mouth. Do I need to remove the sores first? I assume I do, and check that she has nothing stuck behind her teeth, but...
  2. S

    Specialist Cheilitis-crusty lips

    Anybody have experience treating cheilitis? My pig has had it for over a month with scabbing/crusting all over her lips with occasional lumps. My vet treated her with antibiotics (SMZ-TMP) and a topical (silver sulfadiazine) for weeks now with no improvement. They also recommended to...
  3. Cyaneatscarrots

    Possible Cheilitis?

    My guinea pig, Milky has dry, scabby areas around his mouth. He is 5 and approaching 6 years old. He is housed with another piggy, who has no similar signs. Is this Cheilitis? Should I go to the vet? Is there any way I can treat it?