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chewing bars

  1. K

    Piggie chews cage bars at night

    Hi guys I got a guinea pig 3 month ago and a couple weeks ago he started chewing on the cage bars at night at the SAME TIME every day. I tried giving him more veggies and hay before I go to sleep and that helped couple of times but he hasnt completely stopped chewing the bars. One night I...
  2. Wetherill

    Worst. Cage biter. Ever.

    My Bercy(~9mo) chews on the bars of his cage like it is his life’s purpose. When I say 24/7, I mean 24/7. I have no idea what to do. He has a consistent feeding schedule every day, gets plenty of his vegetables, a serving of pellets, hay at all times, filtered water at all times. He has 2...
  3. Cryptillian

    Boar frantic to attack separated pig.

    I’ve been bonding a new male, Pumba with my existing pig, Pete. A long time ago I tried putting Pete in with my existing herd at the time. Pete got along well with two of my seniors, but my younger male, Chuck and him ended up having a fight while I had left them unattended (I left since...
  4. Nbw_835

    Chewing Bars?

    My guinea pig was in a glass tank for the first 4 and a half months of her life. I bult her a cage (a very large one) and all she does is chew on the bars like she wants out. Is this normal? She has also started asking to be picked up and then biting and she screams loudly if I leave her alone...
  5. Stewybus

    Molly & Rosie Going Stir Crazy

    Here's another Tees Valley Guinea Pig Rescue video. Molly & Rosie aka the chipmunks as they're always chipping away at their bars especially just before veggie time tonight. Rosie is 3-year-old and mother of 18-month-old Molly. They are available for adoption now to live in a 5 star forever home...