1. J

    Balding Under chin

    Hello, I was feeding my Guinea pig just earlier today and realized there was a bald spot under his chin. I’m not sure when this started since I just found it out today, but does anyone know what it is and how I can help treat it?
  2. K

    What Is It?

    Does anyone know what this looks like? only noticed it today and so so worried it looks sore. He does seem to a bit moody and making some annoyed noises, not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. Thanks :bye:
  3. LydiaMinx

    Hard Lump On Chin/jaw

    Boris, my 4 year old boar, has literally just developed a hard lump on his chin/left jaw area. It's sitting directory under his jaw bone, but isn't causing trouble eating or seeming to bother him at all, even when touched. I can't recall it being there a few days ago - it's pretty hard to miss...