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  1. Jloveslife22

    Toby and Emit helping me put up the Christmas tree:)

    I don't have human kids or a husband but do have Toby and Emit and my three other little family. I have family at the same property aswell lol not totally alone. Anyhow we always celebrate Christmas and I figured they might want to help:). Emit was trying to work out how to get the star on at...
  2. Jesse's pigs

    Xmas pigs

    Just thought id spread some cheer with my boys. who else got their piggies some spoils? They got a tunnel, new ceramic dish, hay cookies and treats! I shall also attach bellamys festive pics as he wasn’t left out but for some reason his will not load
  3. S

    Present Ideas

    Hello again! Just asking for any present ideas for my guinea! Anyone have any in mind?
  4. Siikibam

    What would you do?

    I ordered Christmas presents for the kids and put them under the bed with some things in front of them (they’re in boxes). I came back from a party and found the things had been rearranged. One of the bags I’d put in front was the other side of the bed. The boxes had been opened and both weren’t...
  5. lilyandluna

    Piggie Christmas Gifts?

    I am hoping to get my piggies some Christmas gifts. My one piggie, is very shy and likes to hide and the other loves to be petted and explore. Do your piggies have any toys or hidies that they love? Currently they just have two igloos in there cage (as far as toys/hides)
  6. PiggiesAndPaws

    Pets At Home - Guinea Pig Christmas Parcel

    Hello there! Yesterday I went online and ordered the guinea Christmas parcel. I intended to get it last year but because it was a last minute thing they were out of stock. I made sure to order early this year. From what I know it’s a surprise box so I don’t know what will be inside it. I’m...
  7. Kallasia

    The Christmas Haul!

    Firstly, sorry it took me a while to post these but it was pretty hectic what with the family coming over and us doing Christmas Dinner for them for the first time! Anyway, I thought you'd all like to see what the pigs got up to over Christmas so here you go! :) Getting to bed early on...
  8. Alexandra West

    Guinea Pigs Ate Some Pine Needles?

    Hello all... When I was away from finnian, my guinea pig, a few minutes ago, my sister snuck in and took him down to see the Christmas tree. Apparently he bit off some tips of the pine needles and ate them... will he be alright? I heard some trees are sprayed with chemicals and stuff... he...
  9. Celine298

    Happy Christmas To You All :)

    I'm going to be super busy this Christmas because we have a lot of family home, so I probably won't get posting this later on so.... Lola - Jean and Sunny Hughie Anthony would like to wish a Happy Christmas to all the piggies, piggy owners and piggy lovers out there! (and to all the cats...
  10. Anniversary Herd

    Who'd Like To Take Part In Our 2017 Advent Calendar ?

    :clap:The Anniversary Herd is delighted to announce that the forum will continue with our tradition of having an Advent Calendar :clap: Here is a link to last year’s thread ... Christmas Advent Calendar 2016 So .... please start looking out for props for Christmas themed photographs and ...
  11. Kallasia

    I'm Dreaming Of A Piggy Christmas...

    Yes I know it's October :P But, look what I got from the amazing BooBoo and Ted - Home Stampers all christmas-y and piggy themed! And, a load of confetti to sprinkle inside the presents I wrap! We're having a guinea pig themed Christmas this year!
  12. JoannaMarie

    Merry Christmas From Alan And Monty :-)

  13. VickiA

    Hot Topic Don't Miss The Amazing Guinea Pig Advent Calendar

    Here is the link to the LIVE Guinea Pig Advent Calendar Christmas Advent Calendar 2016 Thanks to @Chief Guinea Pig for coordinating this masterpiece of cute Christmas themed cavies.
  14. Beans&Toast

    A Bit Early For Christmas But..

    I couldn't resist. :drool: My vets are selling these Santa's Hat cat beds and I had to get it for the pigs. I was planning on waiting til closer to Christmas but I couldn't wait that long. They love it :love: It's easily big enough to fit 2 or 3 pigs but Beans and Toasty are not for sharing...
  15. Riggs Pigs

    Guinea Pig Pet Parcel

    Hi everybody Pets at home have got there Christmas stock in. They have also got a CHRISTMAS GUINEA PIG PET PARCEL! These look quite good. Link here. http://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/rabbit-toys/christmas-pets-parcel-for-rabbits-and-guinea-pigs?i=45&pageSize=45&orderBy=1#
  16. Chief Guinea Pig

    Christmas Baking!

    This year I want to bake several different things; something chocolate based which I had a chocolate log in mind, something involving pastry and possibly something biscuit-y! I need a few ideas please :D I should have plenty of time to gather and bake everything, but I don't want anything that...
  17. kitkat1

    Moonbeam & Dipper's Christmas Photoshoot!

    So today I did a Christmas photoshoot with the boys and I think it went well! I edited the photos after I took them to give the pics a more "Christmassy" feel. By the way in the backround are paper snowflakes that I made:DHope you enjoy! Dipper: Dipper eating a carrot: Moonbeam: Moonbeam: