chronic health issues

  1. S

    Chronic Bloating - Advice Appreciated

    Hello everyone, One of our guinea pigs (rescued January 2022) has been suffering from a chronic bloating issue since our adoption of her. She's been to the vet at least 6-7 times for a bloating issue since January of last year, and I am beginning to worry about her long term gut health as a...
  2. H

    Guinea pig with ongoing uri

    I have a Guinea pig named Haku who is about 3 years old. For the past year or so, he has been showing symptoms of a uri(sneezing, nasal discharge, visible breathing from abdomen, sometimes audible breathing and clicking). He seems otherwise healthy and moves, eats, and drinks fine but spends a...
  3. N

    how to reduce the pain of my guinea pig with Arthritis

    Hello all, My guinea pig fluffy was just diagnosed with Arthritis two days ago 😭He is about 5.5 years old. He has it in his spine and knees and it’s painful enough that he’s not walking. The vet prescribed Meloxicam for pain relief but he’s still crying when I pick him up to clean his poop. I...
  4. S'mores and Pockets

    Benebac and Critical Care? (Underlying issues)

    Hello! I have a 3 1/2 year old boar, S’mores (he has a cage mate) who has been having poop issues since late January. The vet has done a fecal test (it came out negative) and blood work (signs of liver inflammation). He was put on a two week course of Orbax (antibiotic) it did nothing. The vet...
  5. Guptheguineapig

    Specialist Ear Infection/falling over

    Hello there! I have a little girl named Tippy. She was a rescue from a pet store. She was kept in the back room because she had a head tilt and they couldn't put her out in the front with the rest of the pigs... When I rescued her she was reported infection free (which now I don't believe)...
  6. elian

    Bladder problem? Again?

    Hi! Coincidentally the day after I make an account my sweet piggy may have a problem... Emmie has had a lot of health issues since I got her from the pet store (I know, I know, I was uneducated at the time). When I bought her, she was quiet and liked to sleep in my lap and I did not know any...