clear discharge

  1. G

    Runny one nostril

    Hi, I have just noticed my guinea pig gingy continuesly sneeze a few times in a row and clear discharge leaking from only 1 nostril. He is not lethargic, doesn't have crusty eyes or nose, just wet and runny, only when he sneezes.
  2. veesilver

    Sow mounting & v discharge?

    Hi! Yesterday my two baby sows started being a bit tense aorund each other. They are still bonding, as we only got them 3 weeks ago. There's been some power shifting since, as one of them had problems with a leg when we got them, and the other one, initially dominant, turned out to be ill and...
  3. A

    Hooting noise

    Hello:) I bought my guinea pig (Buzz) from pets at home on 08/03/2020. I noticed in the car on the way home that he had a clear drip from his nose and his chest sounded like a clicking/hooting noise. I rang pets at home the following day to inform them of this, they agreed to treat him at their...