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clicking noise

  1. raining.ashes

    My Guinea Pig keeps clicking her teeth but doesn't seem to be agitated ?

    I got two new guinea pigs about three weeks ago, and a week and a half ago I took my two guinea pigs to the vet. They were both suffering from lack of vitamin C, and the Mother (who gave birth about two months ago) had a bacterial infection. The vet gave me vitamin C supplements and antibiotics...
  2. Walky

    Good Teeth Chattering?

    Okay, I have a really weird question, but I didn`t find anything on the matter, so here goes Is it possible for teeth chattering to be not-bad? I ask that because I`ve noticed weird behaviours on my two piggies, Porca and Cookie. So the story goes like this: I've been training them to come when...
  3. BenjiAndButtons

    Echo Location.

    Everyones heard a dolphin or whale echo location i assume... I'm pretty sure barney just made the same sound in his cage. His buddy lives above him, but seperated cause of fighting, so could he be trying to located him? My only other theory, and i dont know which is creepier is that I (Barney's...
  4. Alexandra West

    Clicking Noise?

    Hello, I'm here again. Just today around 3:30 I took Finnian, my 6-8 week old piggie to the vet to get checked for a URI. He said Finnian was fine, and all was well. I cleaned his eye boogers off gently with a warm Q-tip, and he was fine. When I was cuddling him, I noticed a strange clicking...