1. M

    Concern about eye

    I just recently discovered today that my pet guinea pig's eye is cloudy with a possibly small sore on the corner of his eyeballs. It was completely fine yesterday, so finding him with his eye in this condition is really shocking. I've checked online and most answers say he has hay in his eye...
  2. Joannajars

    Cloudy/red sore eye

    Hi all, I came home from work today to notice my senior pig has a very cloudy/red and sore looking eye. It is not bleeding but is red around the edges. I’m a fairly experienced owner and have had him since he was a baby but have never seen anything like this with him. I'm thinking hay poke/ or...
  3. TaraS-D

    Cloudy and red eye

    I came downstairs to check on my guinea pigs and I saw one of them had a cloudy eye with red around the edges, I took her out and checked for any hay but I couldn’t find any and wiped her eye just incase.None of the other guinea pigs have any eye problems. I cant book a vet appointment until the...