1. eve1234s

    My mom thinks Guinea Pigs can live alone

    My mom insists that everyone saying Guinea Pigs need to be kept in pairs are lying. Before I was educated on pigs, I had only one female for about four years before getting her a companion. She was an amazing and super friendly guinea pig, so my mom insists that they can and should be kept alone...
  2. Kirstie :)

    Help Me Name My New Piggy!

    Hello! I am getting a female piggy in around a month. :yahoo: I'm looking for some name suggestions - something unrelated to looks and behaviour. At the moment, I quite like the name Pippa or Bella, but I'm very open to suggestions! She is going to be the companion of my current piggy Gorm...
  3. Shelby._.

    A New Buddy.

    My make guinea pig Fin passed away suddenly yesterday. I came home from school to find him looking very ill I did everything I could for him and wouldn’t be able to take him to the vet until the morning. He unfortunately didn’t make it and passed away. My dad was in the room with me and held Fin...
  4. Piggy996

    Can't Make Appropriate Cage

    Hi, I've been trying to make my piggy a new cage for last few months, but it seems impossible. I searched for grid cubes and coroplast (correx) in many many shops and I can't find it, people who work there have no idea what I'm asking about :( I also tried searching for the material on the...
  5. AdamFrench

    Post Op Advice

    Hi, our 18 month old sow had surgery 41 hours ago to remove a mammary cyst and nipple, and a sebaceous cyst from her rump. Each has produced a 50mm stitched wound, knitted with dissolvable stitches. She's still a lot less active but is eating hay and veggies from my hand and some on her own and...
  6. MollyB

    A Friend For Blind Teddy?

    Hi all, I was looking for some advice on companionship for my mostly blind boar, Teddy. He's about a year and a half old, and I was told by the RSPCA shelter I rescued him from that he didn't like living with other Guinea Pigs; he was alone because they stressed him out due to him being unable...