1. S

    How To Know If My Guinea Pig Will Accept A New Friend

    hello. I'm new to this forum and thought now would be the right time to ask my first question. a couple of months ago i had 2 guinea pigs but one died. my mum did not let me get another one because she gets upset every time a pet dies. scruffy(my GP) seems quite lonely so i play with him and...
  2. K

    Why Does My Once Friendly Pig Not Like Me Now That He Has A Friend?

    Hello everyone! This might be a strange question - but I am fairly new to owning guinea pigs. I got a 5 month old pig last month, and he was really sweet and liked to be held and would take naps on my lap etc. I did a lot of research on companionship for guinea pigs, and decided to by him a...
  3. T

    Possible Bullying Amongst My New Young Cavy And Existing Cavy

    Hey there! So in November I adopted Hank (I renamed him to Rodney from Dr. Dolittle) from a nice woman and her daughters, unfortunately one of her daughters was allergic to him so they had to give him up. He’s about a year old. Once I got him home I didn’t know the first thing about guinea...
  4. MollyB

    A Friend For Blind Teddy?

    Hi all, I was looking for some advice on companionship for my mostly blind boar, Teddy. He's about a year and a half old, and I was told by the RSPCA shelter I rescued him from that he didn't like living with other Guinea Pigs; he was alone because they stressed him out due to him being unable...