1. ashimay

    Housing an intact boar next to a pair of sows.

    Hello! Since losing our beloved Mr Pig we have had our boar Otis in his cage next to our two sows to allow him to socialise whilst we wait for our local rescue to be open for boar-dating again. He currently isn’t living in a C&C cage like our sows and we would like to change this! We’re also...
  2. S

    How To Know If My Guinea Pig Will Accept A New Friend

    hello. I'm new to this forum and thought now would be the right time to ask my first question. a couple of months ago i had 2 guinea pigs but one died. my mum did not let me get another one because she gets upset every time a pet dies. scruffy(my GP) seems quite lonely so i play with him and...
  3. K

    Why Does My Once Friendly Pig Not Like Me Now That He Has A Friend?

    Hello everyone! This might be a strange question - but I am fairly new to owning guinea pigs. I got a 5 month old pig last month, and he was really sweet and liked to be held and would take naps on my lap etc. I did a lot of research on companionship for guinea pigs, and decided to by him a...
  4. T

    Possible Bullying Amongst My New Young Cavy And Existing Cavy

    Hey there! So in November I adopted Hank (I renamed him to Rodney from Dr. Dolittle) from a nice woman and her daughters, unfortunately one of her daughters was allergic to him so they had to give him up. He’s about a year old. Once I got him home I didn’t know the first thing about guinea...
  5. MollyB

    A Friend For Blind Teddy?

    Hi all, I was looking for some advice on companionship for my mostly blind boar, Teddy. He's about a year and a half old, and I was told by the RSPCA shelter I rescued him from that he didn't like living with other Guinea Pigs; he was alone because they stressed him out due to him being unable...