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  1. J

    Help with handling and trust

    Hello. I rescued two boars this summer, Theodore and Pierre, and am looking for some advice with regard to handling. It has been a very slow journey with these boys but here is some background: -They are both approximately 2 years old (unfortunately no exact birth day) -They were both show...
  2. MiloAndJake

    Piggies getting their confidence!

    So i got my piggies about 2 weeks ago when they were only 8 weeks old, as they’re coming up to 10 weeks i must say they’re getting their own lil personalities and growing more confident every day, they absolutely love being out in the sun munchin the grass, they’re defo the cutest lil creatures...
  3. KaitlinH

    How Can I Build Their Confidence?

    We got some new piggies a while ago and they're still very shy and nervous. They are in a quiet environment with a big pen. They are two male piggies who get along well but can argue over veggies from time to time. They can also be handled by people but freeze and don't move because of nerves...