congestive heart failure

  1. Shannon R

    New heart failure :(

    My 6 year old guinea stopped eating yesterday and looked short of breath. We took him to the vet and he had bilateral pulmonary edema. The vet said likely heart failure and he was started on lasix 4mg every 12 hours and antibiotics Baytril just in case. She did not think we would be alive in two...
  2. F

    Chirping/Wheezing + weight loss

    Hi, I’ve got a two (almost 3) year old female guinea pig called Poppy, who’s had a tough couple of weeks. Started with removing an inch long piece of hay/grass from her eye which resulted in a eye ulcer, but the emergency out of hour vets sorted that with pain relief and eye drops and her eye is...
  3. piggygal

    Congestive Heart Failure... Need Advice

    Hey all, I am new to this forum but this seemed like a good place to join. My 3.7 yo male skinny Truffle is sadly in heart failure I believe. He was diagnosed with an enlarged heart a year ago and has been on Pimodenan twice a day for the past year. Periods of wheezing and hooting would...