1. K

    C And C Cage Connectors

    I picked myself up a second hand 2x5 + 1x2 loft for £20! After a lovely wash it’s looking great. But where can I get some more reasonably priced connectors from? I’ve looked on eBay and they were £4.50 for 4.. does anyone have any other suggestions? I’ve seen people taking about using cable...
  2. Siikibam

    C&c Help!

    I want to build a c&c with a base, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to place the connectors - particularly the ones in the middle (see the areas circled). There needs to be a vertical grid along the front to the left and right of the connector circled red. So how should I place it? And...
  3. WinnieandBear

    C&c Connectors And Grids In The Uk

    Hello! I am looking to expand my current c&c cage but am at a loss where to find reasonably priced connectors in the UK? Anyone got any tips as to where I can purchase these? Also grids if you know about those also. Thanks in advance! xx