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constant sneezing

  1. StevieWanda

    Piggy sneezing for 24 hours

    Hey everyone! I noticed yesterday that my 14w old piggy Stevie has been sneezing. Sometimes it’s every 20-30 mins, then not sneezing for a couple hours. She’s in a cage with her sister who isn’t sneezing. theyre both eating very well, playing around and being sociable. i checked her eyes and...
  2. SunnyLizB

    Bedding Dust - help

    We recently bought some pine bedding by mistake. Not only are the peices huge and a bit rough, we didn't realize it was pine. Now our guinea pig, Ceasar, is sneezing like crazy and even the occasional cough. He has a runny nose as well. Having him in a separate room while we tried to air this...
  3. F

    Guinea pig sneezing after a fight

    So I have 3 male guinea pigs at their “teenage” years and two of them fights a lot, I’ve been trying many solutions in terms of stopping them from fighting (currently) but as I was cleaning their play pen - I left them in another play pen that I keep as an extra - I heard them fighting and...
  4. M

    Guinea pig has been sneezing a lot.

    Hi everyone! So I have two guinea pigs: Cooper and Luna. Yesterday, I used hay as bedding and I immediately noticed that they started sneezing a lot after that and decided to remove it. Luna seems to be fine now, but Cooper is still sneezing a lot. Both seem normal. They eat, drink water, run...
  5. Raefire

    Uri Symptoms / Allergies?

    So, I adopted 2 guinea pigs about a week ago, and the bedding they came with causes dust. I understand that dusty bedding is bad for guinea pigs, but I didn't want to stress them out even more by cleaning their cage and replacing their bedding in less than a week. I'm cleaning their cage later...